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July 23: CLOSED today for non-members

Range is Open 24x7 for Club Members


The IVRPA multipurpose shooting complex includes four 50 yard pistol ranges, 200 and 300 yard rifle range, 200 yard silhouette range, Trap and Skeet range, 1000 and 800 yard high power range.

The IVRPA Range is accessible on a membership basis, shooting enthusiasts are encouraged to join or just come out and practice with your firearm. Members access 24x7. You can purchase a membership here.

Non-Members (general public) are welcome on Weekends and Holidays with certain exceptions. Daily fee is $10.00. You can purchase a Day Pass here.

Weekdays are reserved for local government agencies and club members.

Active Duty Members may use the range complex for free.


There are several shooting events scheduled every month, check the Updates sections for more information.


If you lost your range key there will be a $10.00 charge. You can purchase a new key online here.
If you would like to schedule any activity at our facility, please contact us.



IVRPA Range Hours of Operation

For Members

OPEN For Members

Members can access the Range 24x7.


Members Please lock the gate when entering and leaving the Range.

Not a member?

For Non-members

Jul 23: CLOSED today for non-members

The Range will be closed to the public on weekends and holidays starting from first Saturday of June till the first Friday of September.

Not a member?

​Long Range weekend hours

800 yard Rifle Range

Open Saturday

Closed Sunday

July 23:
800y is CLOSED today
1000 yard Rifle Range

Closed Saturday

Open Sunday

July 23:
1000y is CLOSED today

Skeet and Trap Shooting

If you are interested in shooting Trap or Skeet on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, please contact the following folks:

Mike Fargo: (760) 996-9982

Darr Wilson (760) 556-8182

Closed Ranges:

Pistol 1 is CLOSED

The following Ammunition is not allowed on the Range:

Armor piercing

 Steel Core

Steel Jacketed


50 BMG


The speed limit on the Range is 10 mph. It's for everyone safety.

high power_edited.jpg
Promoting Safe Shooting
Building Community


The IVRPA "Wheeler Range" is located 9.6M NNW of Seeley, California in Imperial County, California, U.S. (Superstition Mountain BLM OHV area, N of NAS) at 2250 West Wheeler Road, Imperial County, California 
1.5 miles west on Wheeler off Huff Road: 32º 52' .738" N-115º 44' .438" W (32.87892,-115.741739) 

Become a member and access 24x7

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